Saturday, April 3, 2010


What makes Saturday different?
I grew up a Seventh-day Adventist, went through the whole educational system. Learned everything there is to learn about the 7th day Sabbath. But one thing, one of the many things, I could never answer was what did Jesus do differently on Saturday that He didn't do on any other day? How did He make Saturday special? I can only surmise His actions by what is recorded in scriptures; I wasn't there.

So did He heal more God-like on Saturday? No.

Did He preach more vehemently on Saturday? Well, there was that one time in a Synagogue where He read from Isaiah, and said that that Scripture was then fulfilled. But what He said to the money changers in the Temple was pretty "strong" and I don't think that was on a Saturday.

Did He stop working on Saturday? Probably when He was younger, like I did. And His dad more than likely didn't do any carpentry on Saturday, so if He worked with him, chances are He didn't work either. His heavenly Father, however, worked everyday, so when He was about His Father's business, it didn't matter what day it was.

That would make one think that Jesus didn't do anything different on Saturdays than He would on any other day. My humble opinion is this:
Jesus' life and work was not affected by the Sabbath, for Jesus is the Sabbath.

In Him is found all our rest from every possible weariness.
In Him is found Sanctuary from every possible enemy.
In Him is found restoration from every possible devastation.
In Him is found worship beyond any possible thought.

Every day. Always.

When I realized that, the sound of chains falling was deafening.

No more bound to the chains of time; hours... minutes.
No more bound to the inadequacies of my own strength, my own memory or my own conscience.
No more faced with the guilt of what I am not and what I cannot do.

My freedom, my hope, my salvation, my all is in Christ.

My Sabbath is every day because Jesus is my rest every day
My Sabbath is every day because Jesus has conquered sin every day.
My Sabbath is every day because Jesus is Lord every day.

The physical has been transformed into the Spiritual, retaining it's eternal importance, while opening our minds to the Father's heart.
Like the Temple. (1 Corinthians 6:19)
Circumcision. (Romans 2:29)
Sabbath. (Matthew 12:8, 11:28)
Worship (John 4:24)

When Jesus is your sabbath, this war-torn world filled with weariness, stress, and hopelessness is constantly faced with the fact that you are constantly worshiping, communing, and resting. But not just you.

You, your son, your daughter, your male servant, your female servant, your cattle, and your stranger who is within your gates.

Are you able to keep the sabbath day?
Are you able to keep Jesus?

Only one of these choices will save you.

Chose well and rest.

PS: For any of my Sabbatarian friends, please understand that I am not saying that worshiping on Saturday is wrong. It is not. If the gathering of the saints that you associate with gather then, good. Let that be your reason for gathering, not your reason to worship.
I am with Christ, worshiping Him fully on one day as well as another. My worship spills out constantly. I am not sinless, but I am always at the altar.
I feel that binding oneself to a 24 hour structure that is holier than any other day has the potential to lead one to think that Christ is somehow closer or more powerful at that time, which has no Biblical foundation. Or that holding to that day is a magical talisman that will thwart and prevent evil.
Christ is Lord always. The limitations are ours, mostly in our minds and mostly set by our own hands.
But Christ desires to be our Lord without limitations.

*Photograph property by Joanna Polevia of JP Photography

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