Sunday, April 18, 2010

Directional Worship Pt. 2 - Worship East

If I was to try to head East, you would think all I have to do is look for the sunrise, right? Sort of. The thing that is easy to forget yet remains an incredibly important fact is that you have to go through night in order to experience the awesome wonder that is a sunrise. But…


There is a beauty all its own inherent in a night environment, but we are talking about direction. And without the stars, which can be a distinct possibility, direction becomes a very difficult thing to discover. The night can be very dark on many levels and its duration can be exacerbated by the depth of darkness. Indeed, the very definition of the word “darkness” begins to modify to the elaboration of our own thoughts. Where is the East now?! Where can we find the sunrise?! Why AM I HERE?!?!

To see the sunrise.

We must continually face the darkness. Peering, focusing at a fixed mark, though only hoped for, imagined in your heart. Fearlessly, courageously search the darkness

for the first glimpse of light.

There is the East.

So it is with worship.

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