Sunday, April 11, 2010

Directional Worship - Pt. 1

Hey friends.
The next 4 pieces I will be sharing with you is from a group of devotionals entitled "Directional Worship". I wrote these last week on the inspiration that "If you want to know where you're going, you must first know where you are." But, indeed, sometimes, most of the time, we don't take the time to focus on our feet, but usually on the few feet in front of them.
With that in mind, lets look at our direction, or should I say, what our direction should be. Go West.

Worship West

If I was to find the cardinal direction “West”, my first thought would be to find in which direction the sun would set.

Why? Because there is only one direction in which I would find a sunset!

Sounds silly, right? Of course it would be the only direction to find a sunset!

But, indeed there is a secret to finding the sunset. Because, believe it or not, you CAN travel west and NEVER see a sunset.

That’s right. If you were to travel the same speed of the earth’s rotation but in the opposite direction, and start before noon, you would never reach a sunset.

To see the beauty that is a wondrous sunset, you must stop.

You must stop and wait.

You must stop and anticipate.

You must stop and prepare yourself.

And above all else, you must continue to face West.

So it is with worship.

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