Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We are just about ready to enter the season of Lent, a time set aside by man, to focus on the coming commemoration of Holy week and Easter. Lent is never mentioned in the Bible, (The actual word initially simply meant spring and derives from the Germanic root for long because in the spring the days visibly lengthen.) but then again, neither was the Super Bowl.
Many people do many things during Lent, but for me, I try to focus on what Jesus must have going through emotionally and spiritually.

Did He see me?
In my blue Sonoma t-shirt with the pocket and my flannel pajama pants watching Wall-E with my kids.

Did He see me?
Did He kinda smile and think, “I can’t wait to show him heaven, introduce him to Gabriel, have him stand on the sea of glass and sing, and tell him all this was worth it.”

I think He did.

I think He does.

During Lent I think about that.
During the entire year, too, but especially at Lent. I just think.

And I write:

To Me, A Swine
Whole now I stand,
though I strain to see
where the light now stops
a hole should be.
I stand.
No hole
but a heart.
Not mine.
Whole-heartedly given
to a hole-hearted swine.
Deservedly none
standing near’s aware
a hole now holds what I once despaired
was a fantasy
from another world
lay earth-shod

A string of pearls.

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