Monday, August 24, 2009

Your Traditions Out the Window. For FREE!

Just a few thoughts this morning.
What if worship meant not singing? I know that sometimes it does, but I mean, not ever? What would that be like?

What if we didn't have mouths? or vocal chords? Would we still have wars of musical styles? What would a choir look like?

What if the musical portion of the worship service could only be done with a few pebbles in a sheepskin bag? How far would the worship have come from the time of David?

What if eating a full meal was part of a traditional worship service?

What if we started to refer to every worship song, no matter what age or style, as "hymns"?
What if we started announcing our praise time as our "Hymn Singing Time", no matter what the connotation?
What if the word "Connotation" was erased from our vocabulary and replaced with the phrase "biblical foundation".

What if David hates the fact that his is the only book of Psalms in the Bible?

What if we did away with the Christian worship songs on the radio and everyone wrote their own songs of worship?

What if worship was free?

from everything?

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